The episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai starts with Sirat not able to sign the form. Mr Chauhan taunts Sirat and asks her to sign the form. Sirat prays to God for Ranveer’s recovery and signs the form. The doctor comes and says that they gave anesthesia to Ranvir and can start further procedures. Kartik comes and asks Sirat why she did not inform him about Ranvir. Kartik says Sirat got the injection and Ranvir will be fine now. Kartik says he did not know that he was helping Sirat when he read her social media post.

Mr. Chauhan comes there and says it’s not friendship, but love between them. Kartik asks what he is talking about. Mr Chauhan asks Sirat if she did not tell Kartik that he is aware of everything. Kartik says what is he aware of. Nani comes there. Mr. Chauhan says Nani had come to meet Sirat and gave her some advice. Kartik asks what they are talking about. Kartik asks why Sirat is quiet and cannot give a befitting answer to Mr. Chauhan.

Sirat thinks what she can say, as she is wrong and Mr. Chauhan is right. Nidhi comes and says the operation is done and they can meet Ranvir. Sirat worries. She thinks about how she can face Ranvir. The doctor says Ranvir wants to meet Sirat. Sirat makes up her mind and goes to meet Ranvir.

Ranvir repeats all Sirat’s words. She says she is very sorry, as she hurt him. Sirat says whatever she said was true, but did not want to hurt him. Ranvir says he fainted before Sirat telling him what she was supposed to say. Sirat recollects confessing the truth and realizes that Ranvir fell unconscious before that.

Ranvir asks Sirat to tell him what she was about to say. He holds Sirat’s hand and asks her to share.

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