The Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 episode starts with Baa performing Sagar and Tia’s aarti. Tia cries and hugs everyone as she is leaving. Krishna enters playing the drum followed by Gehna and Anant dancing. Gehna tells Bhavani that they may regard sindhoor as marriage but in the Desai family marriage is not complete without all the rituals. Gehna says she can take Tia after the marriage ceremony. Hiral tells her to stop her drama. Gehna says it is not just her idea but also Anant’s. Kanak pulls Sagar aside and tells him that Anant and Gehna are planning something as they suddenly changed. Kanak says she was going to start her next plan after Tia leaves but Gehna ruined it. Sagar says he wants to make Tia dance to his tune.

Krishna sees Anant and Gehna playing marbles. He says he told them to act as they are happy but they look actually happy. He asks Anant what is their next plan. Anant says every man has a weakness and Sagar’s weakness is lust for women, they will trap him with it. The family calls pandit Ji to find muhurat. Sagar has already scared the Pandit Ji to give the earliest date. Pandit Ji says next week’s muhurat is the best muhurat. Anant and Gehna get tensed thinking they have very little time. Bhavani makes Tia hold her feet and take blessings.

Krishna says that his play hall is under renovation so he asks if he can do his plays here and entertain them. Paresh says it is his house and he doesn’t need to ask permission. Krishna calls the play-actors and introduces them to the family. Sagar gets mesmerised by the main heroine of the play, Hetal. Anant tells Krishna to start his rehearsal so he can set his trap for Sagar. Anant and Gehna hide a camera behind a flower vase. The flower vase falls along with the camera. Sagar steps on the camera without realising it. He is about to turn and take a look but Krishna takes him outside saying he wants to tell him something.

Gehna and Anant safely hide the camera somewhere else. Krishna tells Sagar that he is planning a bachelors party for him. After some time Hema comes and tells Krishna that even she wants to attend the party. Krishna tells her it’s a bachelors party so she can’t attend, Hema gets upset. Sagar comes wearing a blazer. Krishna tells him that he is lucky to have such a beautiful wife. Sagar asks Krishna if he likes Tia. Krishna says he doesn’t believe in relationships. He tells Sagar that today will be the best day of his life.

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