The episode of Kundali Bhagya starts with a ward boy calling Preeta and Srishti and informing them that they have performed MRI on their mother. So they should come to the office. Roshni is performing a check-up on Sherlyn. She asks Roshni how she became a doctor as she wasn’t that bright. Roshni tries to avoid the question, she says should forget about the past. Sherlyn explains that she has moved on but asks her how she got the degree. Roshni tells her to focus on her child and not think about all this. Sherlyn asks why she is avoiding her question. Roshni says because she is her doctor and she has to maintain a professional relationship with her patient. She tells Sherlyn to find another gynaecologist if she is not comfortable.

Sherlyn storms out and tells Prithvi to leave with her. Prithvi asks what happened. Sherlyn says that Roshni is jealous of her. Roshni tries to explain that she has moved on and doesn’t like Prithvi. Prithvi says he has moved on too. The doctor tells Preeta and Srishti that they will get the report in an hour. Preeta advices that they should wait but Sarla says that she wants to go home to do her work. Preeta says she will wait and get the reports. Sarla tells Srishti to wait with Preeta as well.

Srishti and Preeta try to figure out with whom Prithvi came to the hospital. They go to the cabin and ask Doctor Roshni’s assistant about the last patient. The assistant says that a couple came and the lady was pregnant. They come out and see Prithvi and Sherlyn leaving together. They go back and ask for reports from the assistant, the assistant denies it. Dr Roshni hearing the commotion comes out. Preeta says they need Sherlyn’s reports as she is causing trouble in the Luthra family by having an extramarital affair.

Dr Roshni says it not possible as she knows Sherlyn from college days and she is loyal to Prithvi. Preeta reveals Sherlyn is married to Rishab Lutra and not Prithvi. Dr Roshni agrees to help them. Sherlyn comes home, Rakhi makes her sit and shows her the jewellery they made for her. Rakhi says she stole her jewellery but they forgive her as she intended to free Karan. Sherlyn says she can’t accept the jewellery, but dadi insists. Mahira seeing all this blames Preeta as she would have been their daughter in law if Preeta had not come.

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