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How to create a modern sconce with easy tweaks – A9Themes News

How to create a modern sconce with easy tweaks

How to create a modern sconce with easy tweaks - A9Themes News :: Home Decor :: by A9Themes Media on A9Themes News

I’ve always loved the look of simple, black candle sconces. You
know — the classic and elegant metal sconce with a pillar or taper candle. I just think they are lovely! Plus, I’m a sucker for a pop of
black (I try to add a touch of black to every room), especially on a crisp,
white wall. 

Everything I found online was way too expensive, so I figured out how to give a rustic sconce the modern look I wanted! 

I was SO pleased with how everything had come together after I hung the pinstripe wallpaper in the little vestibule off our foyer last year. The only little detail I was craving was adding a couple sconces on the trimmed out white wall:

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I’ve loved the Pottery Barn versions I’ve seen over the years…I
mean, of course! PB has always had that classic design that I gravitate

The problem is, the ones I loved were lovely, but more than I wanted to
spend. I love these
Parker candle sconces

pottery barn sconce with glass

I liked this size (about two feet tall) and the design was just what I was
looking for, but $80 was way way more than I was willing to spend for
this look. 

pillar sconce
isn’t a bad deal really, you can get both for $60: 
rustic black pottery barn sconce

But they were a bit more rustic than I wanted and a little short for what I

I had an idea in mind that would cost even less! As I was walking through
Hobby Lobby one day I came walked down an aisle that had my wheels turning.
I found a bunch of wood and metal sconces and as soon as I saw this one I knew it was the one: 

rustic wood and metal candle sconce

I thought the wood backing was cute and almost just used it as it was, but I really
had my heart set on the simple black sconces. 

They were half off ($20), so the price wasn’t bad. I looked on the back and
saw that there was a screw and a nut, so I figured it would be easy to
separate them: 

detach wood and metal sconce

When I got it home I realized that the “screw” was really attached to the
back of the metal part and held to the wood with the nut. So the screw ends were sticking out of the back of the metal piece. I was about to just push them into the wall (they
are really small), when I remembered my Dad had a grinder bit for his

It worked awesome and got it right off! 

Then I used a regular drill bit (if the metal is thin the bit will go
through fine) to make a hole. I hung the sconces with a screw into the wall
(and an anchor) behind the sconce:

drill hole through metal for hanging

Obviously you can see the screw when you’re right up on them, but it disappears a couple feet away. 

I liked the wood mount, but didn’t know where I would put them. My sister
took them and is hanging them as art. Two for one! 

They have a bunch of options you could do this with! The metal sconce on
this one would look great all by itself!: 

rustic wood and metal candle sconces

And I love the soft lines of this one. I think it would be so lovely on it’s

teardrop wood and metal sconces
If you prefer to have a glass sleeve around your candle, you can
find them in various sizes here. They do add a nice finishing touch — I’m not sure if I’ll add the glass
or not.

It was exactly what I wanted for this space:

tall black candle sconce on white wall

It’s just the little something I was looking for: 

foyer with white wall and trim wood table

LOVE them! 

I’ve done a similar little hack in our family room. I can’t even tell you
how many times I’ve been asked about these brass candle sconces hanging on our

faux tiny white flowers in vase
family room two sofas tall fireplace

This is even easier than the black version! As long as your lanterns have a
handle, you can remove the handles and then hang the candle holders from the
holes for the handles. 

You may need to use some needle nose pliers to pry the handle off, but it
won’t be difficult. So simple!

brass candle lantern

If your sconces will hang lower where you can reach, you can use real
candles. For these I use battery operated versions that run on a timer —
they go forever!

tall skinny candle lantern

hexagon brass lantern with handle

It’s such a simple little hack! Hanging them gives them a whole new look!

I love when I can figure out a way to make what I want (for less) by
tweaking something else! Have you ever done something like this in your

Here are the pretty options I found for you again: 

How to create a modern sconce with easy tweaks - A9Themes News :: Home Decor :: by A9Themes Media on A9Themes News

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