‘Haseen Dillruba’ Is A Horror Story Garbed As A Romantic Thriller – A9Themes News

‘Haseen Dillruba’ Is A Horror Story Garbed As A Romantic Thriller

‘Haseen Dillruba’ Is A Horror Story Garbed As A Romantic Thriller - A9Themes News :: Bollywood :: by A9Themes Media on A9Themes News

Two years after ‘Kabir Singh’, we get another psychopathic couple in the form of Rishi Saxena and Rani Kashyap in Vinil Mathew’s ‘Haseen Dillruba‘. Played by Vikrant Massey and Taapsee Pannu, these characters are head over heels in love with each other and revel in their toxic relationship. But unlike the characters of ‘Kabir Singh’, it wasn’t love at first sight for this normal-seeming couple. Their marriage was arranged and they had no chemistry. When it seemed like the marriage might not last, Rani started an affair with Rishi’s cousin Neel (Harshvardhan Rane). But Neel is not ready for commitment and he leaves Rani to a very angry Rishi, who starts to display problematic behaviour. On several occasions, he almost fatally hurts her but instead of turning away, Rani finally starts falling for Rishi. But all of this is only a part of Vinil Mathew’s mystery thriller. The film starts with an explosion at the Saxena house. The police suspect that the explosion was caused by Rani to kill Rishi, whose mangled hand is found in the house, so that she could flee with her lover. Rani then starts to tell her side of the story, which explores her relationship with Rishi, Neel, and what really happened at the house.

A wasted attempt at making a radical film

‘Haseen Dillruba’, in a very comical attempt, tries to be woke. Seriously, it does and not just in a typecast Alt Balaji-esque way. Taapsee’s Rani is a strong character with her own agency. The film does not try to judge her for having an affair while being married to what may seem like a “perfect” husband. After all, he cooks, cleans, and is super nice to her. What’s not to like? But Rani does not love Rishi so her angst towards him is justified. Not to mention, she is stuck in a house, unable to work, and disinterested in simply doing household chores all day long. But for a smart woman, her attraction towards her husband as he starts displaying psychopathic tendencies exposes her own toxic nature. Just when you start to relate to her, Rani completely flips out and scares you.

The mystery loses its steam 

As the story behind the incident unravels, you start to lose interest in the actual crime as you get warped into Rani and Rishi’s toxic relationship. You know Rani is not telling the whole truth but you don’t really care. You have either figured out what went down on the day of the explosion or you are more absorbed with the absurdity of the story. It seems like writer Kanika Dhillon had a basic plot in mind and connected the rest with some unbelievable storylines.

Vikrant Massey outshines the cast 

It’s staggering to see Taapsee Pannu wasted in such an absurd plot. The outline of this film is similar to her 2019 mystery thriller ‘Badla’, which earned the actress a lot of praise. With some truly fantastic films in her repertoire, ‘Haseen Dillruba’ was certainly an odd choice for her. But at the same time, we don’t really see any other actress portraying Rani with the kind of conviction she did. She played to her strengths and pulled if off flawlessly. However, we were more taken away with Vikrant Massey’s portrayal of Rishi. Massey, who is known for playing gentle characters, displays genuine skill especially when the docile Rishi starts turning into a homicidal maniac. You find yourself entrapped in his toxic charm, even though it’s fearsome. The final scene is where he truly stands out and you realize that this movie was ultimately about Rishi’s journey and not Rani’s mistake.


At a time when we love debating about the most absurd things on the Internet, ‘Haseen Dillruba’ acts as a catalyst for widely opinionated netizens. You might love it, you might hate it. But you certainly won’t stop thinking about it.

‘Haseen Dillruba’ Is A Horror Story Garbed As A Romantic Thriller - A9Themes News :: Bollywood :: by A9Themes Media on A9Themes News

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